Report gives percentages favoring renewables

       The following is culled from a report of the results from a Colorado Springs Utilities survey of 400 randomly called residential customers last Dec. 12.
  • Investment in renewable energy sources was ranked most important by 71.6 percent of the respondents.
  • 66.3 percent believed their bill would be larger in 10 years if Colorado Springs Utilities were to invest less in renewable energy at present.
  • 82.5 percent thought Colorado Springs Utilities should include renewable energy sources in its supply portfolio even if renewables cost more than other supply options. (Those agreeing with this statement were up from 64.9 percent in 2003.)
  • 76.3 percent of customers were not familiar with Amendment 37, but when informed what it entails, 81.8 percent support the requirements.
  • Of the 81.8 percent who support Amendment 37, 70.6 percent thought Colorado Springs Utilities should go beyond Amendment 37 requirements.
  • Greater than 75 percent of customers said they were willing to pay at least 5 percent more for renewable energy (This would make an average electric bill of $100 grow to $105 a month.)
  • When asked at what additional dollar amount per month they would no longer be willing to pay the increased cost of renewable energy, the response was approximately $15.

    From a Colorado Springs Utilities report