Neighbors get 2nd chance on Uintah Bluffs

       Colorado Springs Planning has scheduled a neighborhood meeting on the Uintah Bluffs development proposal Wednesday, Feb. 27.
       The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Clarion Hotel 's Saint Moritz South Conference Room.
       The project, submitted to the city last fall, would create 57 lots (28 duplexes and one house) off Manitou Boulevard.
       “Some neighbors are concerned and sent in letters,” said James Mayerl of City Planning. Planning has previously raised issues of its own with developer Matt Craddock's and consultant David Whitehead's proposal, including grading plans, slope stability, fire standards, landscaping and its suggestion for 24-foot-high retaining walls.
       Working out some of the issues in advance would simplify matters for Planning Commission and City Council, which will eventually hold hearings on the matter, Mayerl said. The city has mailed postcards about the Feb. 27 neighborhood meeting to 292 households within 1,000 feet of the 13-acre ridget-top property, he noted.
       Representatives of the developer and the city of Colorado Springs Planning Department will attend the meeting, the postcard states.
       A neighborhood meeting on the development proposal had been held about a year ago, but at the time there was only a sketch plan of what the project would be like and no firm number on lots.
       Letters to the city have mostly talked about traffic impacts from the project, Mayerl said.
       An interested party Feb. 27 will be the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN), the city-recognized, volunteer advocacy group for the older Westside. OWN board member Dick Strauch said he is particularly interested in where the drainage from the subdivision will go. “When you're building on a hill like that, you have the opportunity to cause a lot of problems below you,” he said.

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