Bighorn Sheep Day keeps drawing more attendees

       Attendance shot up again this year in the third annual Bighorn Sheep Day Feb. 16 at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center.
       A total of 3,197 people came to the center, compared with 2,726 last year and 1,557 at the inaugural event in 2006.
       “We increased our advertising, and lots of people come back from year to year,” said Bonnie Frum, the center's operations manager.
       “I do believe this event is becoming more popular as more and more people learn about it,” added center program coordinator Bret Tennis. “People enjoy learning about our local wildlife and the fact that the event is free for all ages really makes it a great way to spend a Saturday.”
       Helping attendance was sunny weather in the 50s. Plus, a goodly number of bighorns were out feeding in and near the Garden of the Gods; viewing them through telescopes or binoculars was (as usual) one of the big attractions of the event.
       “It was a great day,” Frum said, then joked, “The bighorns got the e-mail and showed up again.”

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