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Tourism grant boosts Old Colorado City's
out-of-state marketing

A snowy Pikes Peak, shot in February from Bancroft Park, is framed by trees, the historic Garvin Cabin (far right) and the Old Colorado City skyline in the 2400 block of West Colorado Avenue.
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Fueled by a $14,000 state grant, Old Colorado City business leaders are enthused about a new, multi-tiered marketing campaign that's geared to broaden their reach to out-of-state tourists.
       The grant is being matched by $7,000 each from the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) business group and the Old Colorado City Foundation (OCCF), a fundraising arm of the OCCA. Reflecting the turn-of-the-century buildings and background, the product of the cumulative $28,000 effort has been titled “Where History Comes to Life.”
       The full roll-out is planned around April 1, including a printed brochure, an upgraded OCCA website, dissemination through social media outlets and the streaming availability of video episodes that have been shot during the first part of this year.
       “It's a big campaign,” summarized OCCA Executive Director and OCCF member Dave Van Ness. “It's all to market Old Colorado City.”
Brandon Bishop, an independent TV network owner who's been filming throughout in recent weeks in conjunction with an Old Colorado City tourism grant, demonstrates his 4-K resolution drone, made by Autel Robotics, near the Bancroft Park pavilion. The device can readily soar 40 feet in the air to shoot unique angles, including the roofline of the converted church that is now the Old Colorado City History Center. (Bishop said he's owned the drone camera for half a year, but is still getting the hang of it. "I've learned to avoid wind and trees," he commented with a grin.)
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       His role includes developing a brochure that he thinks will be an upgrade in terms of product and distribution. "Weve had brochures forever," he noted. "This new one will be a quad-fold that will go particularly to the 11 state welcome centers, so we'll get drivers as they come into the state."
       Jayna Armstrong, who's working on the social media aspects, said the outreach will include Facebook and Youtube. She also pointed out that the tourism money is being enhanced by a separate Google grant to OCCF - which manifests itself by allowing up to $10,000 in free nonprofit advertising.
       “We're trying to tie it to history,” Armstrong said of the “Comes to Life” slogan, which originated with the state's Tourism Office. “The goal to is reach across the U.S. to attract people to Colorado and to Old Colorado City in particular.”
       The video package is being developed by Brandon Bishop, owner of the independent ASY television network, who was contracted to roam through various Old Colorado City businesses and attractions, interviewing people and filming with a handheld as well as a drone camera.
       According to Bishop, ASY is available in 115 million homes. He added that he expects the first of the episodes to be posted for viewing in early March. In his task, Bishop has filmed and interviewed numerous business owners in Old Colorado City, using handheld as well as drone cameras.
       Initially viewers will need a ROKU streaming device, but the product will be available “pretty soon” on others as well, he explained. The episodes are about 25 minutes each. There will also be a menu capability to view five-minute segments within any of the episodes.
       Jake & Telly's restaurant is in one of those segments. According to business co-owner Jake Topakas, his interview with Bishop delved into the restaurant's 20-year story. as well as Old Colorado City's.
       A member of the OCCA board, Topakas said he enjoyed the experience and described the outcome of the tourism grant as “great, awesome. It'll bring people into town. It's a form of advertising we haven't had in the past.”

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(Posted 2/23/17; Business: New)

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