New skyline in Old Town’s 2400 block

       Passersby in Old Colorado City have been noticing of late how its skyline has changed. The commercial building at 2421-2423 W. Colorado Ave. now has a second story with a finished façade.

The new second floor at 2421-23 W. Colorado Ave. is unfinished inside, but owner Frank Wright hopes to create residential loft units next year.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Frank Wright, who has owned the building since 1980, described the project as “a dream come true” - something he'd always thought of doing.
       But the dream isn't over. The interior of the 2,400 square-foot upstairs remains unfinished. The current work, which was completed this month, was just the first phase, creating what Wright calls a temporary “attic.”
       About a year from now, the former Bristol Elementary teacher hopes to apply for another building permit that will let him transform the space into two residential lofts with a rear balcony. In a weak economy, “I don't want to hurry,” he said. “I want to stay in budget and take my time.”
       Wright started the project last September, intentionally waiting until after the tourist season so as to minimize impacts on his four tenants below and on Old Colorado City in general.
       He's happy with the way the new project turned out, including his intent to make the façade compatible with the Old Colorado City look and feel. The original one- story building was not considered historic, having been erected in 1948.

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