EDITORíS DESK: Better before bigger

       We've had a couple of calls recently from people suggesting ways the Westside Pioneer could expand.
       Not that growing is such a bad idea. Therese and I do hope to earn an income from this publication at some point. And doing that requires a little more size. For instance, it may not be too long now before the amount of news and ads pushes us to the the staggering size of 12 pages.
       But these calls conjured more ambitious possibilities - conglomerate sorts of notions to gain efficiency, raise service, and ratchet profits to unforeseen levels. There's just this nagging, where-have-I-seen-this-before sensation. I start picturing this paper with automated phone systems, mysterious departments, clock-watching employees and, in the end, a community that feels left out. That wouldn't be progress. That would be going back to what the Westside had before.

- K.J.