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Letter: Comments on 'King Steve,' environmentalists

       Wish the two kings would think of others and not just themselves [referring to the Editor's Desk column in the Westside Pioneer, posted Feb. 9]. "King Steve" is a very good name for him. I have thought of him that way for quite a while. Colorado Springs does have problems with their elected officials don't they? It is a shame that most people who want to be politicians have such huge egos that they can't see the necessary things that need doing but just what might help them or their cronies.
       Regarding the articles about decommissioning the Drake Power Plant [posted in the Pioneer Feb. 19], I wish all these tree-huggers would go to California and drop in the ocean. There is so much written about non-climate change, but these people are just plain stubborn and do not wish to change their plan, which is to make everyone come to their way of thinking. Getting very tired of all the lies from politicians. We need to make them understand that they are lies and we do not trust anything that comes out of their mouths.

       Gay Robinson

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