Jackson Elementary art to go on display at Cottonwood

       Art from Jackson Elementary will be on display at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts' upper gallery from Feb. 25 to March 12.

Four of Jackson Elementary art teacher Jackie Robbie's students display art works of theirs that will go on display (among about 200 from their school) at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts Feb. 25. From left are fourth-graders Kyra Mezzo and Brandon Fisk, third-grader Oddessey Lendsey and fifth- grader Journey Huff.
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       “This is kind of a big deal,” said Jackie Robbie, the school's long-time volunteer art teacher. “Cottonwood is where 80 artists work. A lot of people will be there [for the Feb. 25 opening].”
       In all, Robbie said, at least 200 Jackson creations - using such media as cut paper, tempura, watercolor and printing - will be on display.
       “Every student in grades 3 to 5 will have at least one picture,” she said.
       The opportunity came about with the help of Carol Reece, a Cottonwood artist who has volunteered for several years at Jackson.
       Sandy Murphy, the interim executive director of Cottonwood, said one of the center's goals is to foster a love of art in children. “Jackie is wonderful. Between her and Carol, they have the passion to get kids excited about art.”
       Cottonwood, 427 E. Colorado Ave., is open Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, call 520-1899.

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