EDITORíS DESK: Your moneyís worth... and itís free!

       As I laid out this issue, the thought occurred to me that this may be, pound for pound, the fullest newspaper we have ever published. I was actually trying to hold it down because I knew that the responses from the nine mayor candidates would take up a fair amount of space. But holding down news that's happening is similar in futility to stopping a downhill lava flow. Not that what we call news here would be considered as such by so-called "normal" papers (if I may digress for a moment). Yeah, they're snooty and out of touch, etc. etc. But the fact is that we're just suckers here for anything that has to do with bolstering the Westside community. Thus, the efforts by the new (since last April) private managers of the Westside Community Center to host special Saturday events once a month ranks as Page 1. Bristol had a fun time at its annual art night. I was even glad to get a counterpoint (guest column) that adores PPACG's transportation planning. And, if you have a moment, take a close look at the artwork in the hands of those Jackson students on the back page. Not bad, hey? It's a fine tribute to Jackson's volunteer art teacher, Jackie Robbie, who decided years ago that the truest path to instructional freedom was to work for nothing.
       Still talking about community stuff, the only reason the Organization of Westside Neighbors' Feb. 24 candidates forum story slipped to Page 7 was, initially, I didn't want to overdo the politics on Page 1, and then it just got caught up in the "lava flow" of other material. At least Page 7 makes some sense because it's next to the end parts of most of the mayor responses. Fact is, the forum will be a great opportunity to inform the people who will someday be governing this city that the Westside is more than just a few old buildings in a corner of the map where lots of open space happens to be.
       Anyway (am I still digressing?), we did our best to fill all the nooks and crannies of space this issue. I count 25 separate articles, and then there are the ads from the great businesses that support us. Hope you like it. Whew!

- K.J.