Putman on his resignation: ‘I’d had enough’

       “I'd had enough,” Terry Putman told the Westside Pioneer simply this past week in response to the question of why he resigned suddenly Feb. 7.
       But the 21-year director of development for Colorado Springs Parks, declined to give more details.
       He did add that health was not the issue, nor his disappointment at the Doug Bruce lawsuit last August, which has jeopardized extension of the popular open space sales tax.
       Putman also said he left on good terms with fellow employees. He highly recommended Chris Lieber, the Parks trails coordinator who has become Putman's interim replacement. “Chris can handle it,” he said. “He and I are good friends. I've been grooming him for the job for several years.”
       Putman has no immediate plans, but said he has “plenty of options” and has heard from consulting firms. On the other hand, he said, he might just want to go to work somewhere as a park ranger.

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