Clarifying I-25 expense
       Regarding your article in the Feb. 3 Pioneer (“Hwy 24: Brainstorming sessions in rear-view mirror”): It notes that the cost of COSMIX “has been estimated at different times by Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) as between $130 million and $150 million.”
       We probably could have done a better job of explaining that for you. The contract to Rockrimmon Constructors is for $130 million. But the overall project budget is $150 million. The remaining money is for CDOT's right-of-way acquisitions and administrative costs.
       Hope that clarifies it.

George Hayward,
PRACO Public Relations

‘Wonderful contribution’
       What a pleasure it has been to watch the Westside Pioneer flourish during its first year. Thank you for the wonderful contribution to our community. Your positive, informative coverage of our neighborhood schools is especially appreciated. Specifically, two recent articles featuring West Middle School brought well-deserved attention to a school that is moving in a very positive direction. Thanks for noticing and spreading the news.

Rosalie Bradt
Chair, West Middle School BAAC