Westside Briefs:
Driver ‘black-out’ wrecks restaurant

       A motorist put new meaning into “drive-through” restaurant the morning of Feb. 13 when his Jeep Cherokee smashed into the front of the Pho N Thai eatery, 125 N. Spruce St., and wound up in the dining area.

A Jeep Cherokee decimated the dining area of the Pho N Thai restaurant, 125 N. Spruce St., when its driver, who told police he'd "blacked out," slammed through the front windows the morning of Feb. 13.
Courtesy of Terry Brunette

       No one was injured.
       The driver told police he was on his way to the Veterans Administration building (a block away) and “blacked out.”
       He was cited for careless driving.
       Machete robbery arrest
       Police have arrested a Manitou Springs resident in the Jan. 30 machete robbery of Papa Murphy's Pizza in the Red Rock shopping center.
       Howard York, 43, has been charged with aggravated robbery. Police said that during the crime he held the machete to the neck of a store employee. He escaped with cash.
       Police acted on a citizen's tip Feb. 10 that the suspect could be found in a mobile home in Manitou.

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