Bighorns nearly manage to hide out

       The perfect record of bighorn sightings remains intact for the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center's annual Bighorn Sheep Day. At least “sort of,” as Park Interpreter Bret Tennis phrased it.

Zachary Holme, a volunteer with Colorado Parks & Wildlife, provides information about bighorn sheep (a horn sample is in foreground) at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center during Bighorn Day Feb. 11.
Westside Pioneer photo

       On a snowy and foggy day Feb. 11, no bighorns showed up on the hillsides off North 30th Street - as they had for the event the previous six years - so people could see them through telescopes, either at the center or the Mesa Road overlook. But later in the day, a team from Colorado Parks & Wildlife (a co- sponsor of Bighorn Day) found part of the Rampart Herd grazing on a hill behind the Verizon facility off 30th and Garden of the Gods Road. “So people were able to view them there,” Tennis explained.
       Other event aspects went on despite the weather, including guided walks, three kid-oriented presentations in the center's theater, information tables, and displays of animals such as snakes and lizards. About 50 people attended each of the presentations, Tennis said.
       The event commemorates the start of the Rampart Herd in 1946 when a group of bighorns were let out of a state transport vehicle that had broken down near Green Mountain Falls.

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