RTA concrete crews busy in Mesa Springs area

       Some street blocks in the Mesa Springs neighborhood have been getting new sidewalks and curb and gutter this month through the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) maintenance program.
       Crews were working this week on Taylor Street between Chestnut Street and Stratus Lane, and on Parker Street between Fillmore Street and Mesa Valley Road.
       Parts of Mesa Springs are scheduled for pavement overlay this summer, explained Mike Chavez, a city senior civil engineer, “so we're doing concrete repairs in front of the overlay.”
       Most of the old concrete had been put in around the 1950s, he estimated. The intent in some cases was to spot-fix visibly bad sections. However, “in certain blocks the whole curb was shot, so we just had to take it all out,” he explained.
       Sidewalk work on portions of Parker and Taylor had been scheduled this spring under the city-administered, federally funded Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Brad Lovell, who coordinates the CDBG work, said there is no problem with RTA doing some of the work. It will allow CDBG dollars to be used on other Mesa Springs concrete work that otherwise would not have been affordable, he said.

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