EDITOR’S DESK: The good-news brigade

       Let the good-news brigade continue marching. We really do mean it when we say that this newspaper has “front pages you can show your kids.”
       Perhaps the most upbeat news items this issue is the Bighorn Sheep Festival. What a good idea and what a great story behind it... Bighorns strike out from a broken-down Division of Wildlife truck 60 years ago and wind up starting the herd that now frequents the Garden of the Gods. Of course, the hard part with any wildlife-centric event is seeing the actual wildlife (they just won't follow a script!), but I'll be out there looking for them Saturday. Hope you do the same.
       Rewarding in a different way is the news that the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will come to the Westside for a give and take on the Bijou and Colorado Avenue bridges Feb. 23. No one's mentioned to me any desperately needed aesthetic touches to set off either bridge as a unique Westside "gateway," but CDOT will never know till it asks. It is a bit galling to find that downtown leaders have had CDOT's ear on the matter for several months now. Thank Sallie Clark for getting some action on this. When I asked CDOT folks a few weeks ago if any Westside meeting on the in-design plans were scheduled, I was simply told "no."
       As for the proposed Victorian Heights hillside duplexes, I'm sure there are some who applaud the computer glitsch that has the end result of forcing developer Ted Cox to return to Planning Commission and be held to more detailed requirements. But good news for some can sometimes be bad news for others, and I admit that I feel sorry for Cox, who has doggedly persisted with this project over six years, knowing that he would be donating the land in the end to Habitat for Humanity.
       Finally, we have the stalled speed-limit hikes. Somebody (other than an engineer) tell me: Where's the bad in that?

- K.J.