COBWEB CORNERS: Down at the post office

By Mel McFarland

       Sometimes I think I spend too much time at the post office. I have told many of my friends I like the West End Station best, but I can be found regularly in the North End, Rockrimmon, Downtown and even Manitou and Ute Pass stations. Some of our Postal Service friends are really catching it with the new rate change, but I would like to say a few things in their favor.
       There is one particular window clerk in the station that I get along with fairly well, as do most of his customers, and he likes to point out ideas for my columns as he hears about them. Each of us has habits, some that are good, some that work against us. A habit that sometimes works against me is being a procrastinator. Fortunately, the editor does not have to call too often to tell me he needs a column, but I regularly hit the post office on Monday with something I should have done last Friday! Outside of holidays, Monday is not a good day to go to the post office, unless you like waiting in line!
       It seems the post office is doing better having the right extra stamps this time. But hey, I bought a bunch of 37 cent stamps before the prices went up. I know, bad joke, but really, I mailed as many as I could before the rates changed! In a drawer I even have A, B, C, D etc. stamps, only I do not remember what they are worth!
       Another common problem during the holidays is packages. What do some people do, only mail things around Christmas? I have to chuckle as I watch the window clerks try to sort out some pretty nasty-looking packages. When I pack things, I try to be sure they are pretty well shake- or drop-proof - even if it's just a book going to Denver. But some people have trouble keeping their packages together getting into the station! Have they never received a ripped or torn package? It is good that you can get new boxes at the post office, all folded up. I am of Scottish heritage, but I would never attempt to reuse some of the boxes I have seen customers set on the counter scales.
       I know this has been a bit of a tirade, but after standing in line at the post office, my cat wants me to complain to someone else!