COBWEB CORNERS: Donít be too quick to tear it down

By Mel McFarland

       I do try to take what the government wants to do around us in stride. I have followed the changes of schemes in the US 24 project with some interest since it does go over the site of the old Midland yards. I have also wondered about some of the plans with the Red Rock Canyon area. I was not all that happy when they tore down the Hidden Inn in the Garden of the Gods either. It seems to me that the plans sometimes get scrambled in the paperwork.
       The Red Rock area was one of our busiest rock quarries in Colorado City's first half-century. In the recent development of Red Rock Canyon Open Space, you cannot avoid the fact that there are scars from this industry that will never go away. In some of their plans, City Parks talked about using this area and illustrating its significance to our history. In addition, the Bock family lived there for half a century, but so far most plans are to erase as much of their influence as possible. Several proposals to use the old Bock home seem to have come down to the fact that it will be torn down. A nearby garage holds a surprise. It has a 1960s bomb shelter built into it. This too is on the list of things to be removed.
       Surely some use could be found for these buildings, even considering the fact that the expense of just tearing them down might go into some other improvement in the park. I wonder if they are also considering tearing out the lake that the Bocks built, as it is just as important as the house or the garage. Even returning this area to precivilization in this area will never erase all the other changes, why not incorporate the various levels of past development into the scheme of the future uses? From the park access off 31st street hardly any information is available about the site where you park being Colorado City's first gold mill, or the trail going past some of our earliest visible quarries. Perhaps the old garage might be made into a visitors center since the Bock house was not!
       I wonder when I look at old pictures of events in the Garden of the Gods from its start a hundred years ago into the 1960s about all the interesting events we used to see. I understand that perhaps it was overused, but even today I see it used as a shortcut from 30th street to Manitou. Perhaps someday even the roads will have to go.