Bomb shelter preservation effort gains allies

       Don Ellis, a leader in the effort that led to Red Rock Canyon becoming city open space, is now heading a drive to preserve a bomb shelter on the property.
       So far, he has gained support from the Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS) and the city's Historic Preservation Alliance and has been promised a letter from the statewide Colorado Preser-vation, Inc., he said.
       Ellis also planned to meet with the City Parks Advisory Board the morning of Feb. 14.
       His goal is to stop city plans this year to tear down the thick-walled structure, which had been built by the Bock family, the former owners of the property. One possibility is an interpretive center, he suggested.
       Ellis is a member of the Friends of Red Rock Canyon (FORC), which had once urged retaining the nearby Bock house. However, after City Parks decided that was not possible, FORC led the fundraising last year to help pay the cost of tearing it partially down for an open-air pavillion. The volunteer group has not yet taken a position on the Bock bomb shelter.
       A recent letter from Ellis states that the building is “perhaps the only private Cold War-era shelter which will ever be publicly owned in the region.”

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