Fish important in Fountain Creek
       Thoughts about the proposed Fountain Creek restoration project (from a report in the Feb. 5 Westside Pioneer):
       I'm not a biologist or an engineer, but I believe fish are important in Fountain Creek to eat bugs and mosquito larva. It is not pleasant or healthy for humans where mosquitoes grow unchecked.
       I agree with the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) that the project by Stormwater Enterprise, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Gold Hill Mesa should be denied if the “low flow” channel is too wide and too straight for the fish. As Doug Krieger of DOW pointed out, the city did a restoration project that way five years ago (that ugly area just west of Eighth Street), and now no fish are living there. It sounds as if the current plans have the same design flaws.
       The Cheyenne Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited charges that the current plan would do more harm than good to the existing biology and ecology of Fountain Creek. Stormwater Enterprise, CDOT and Gold Hill Mesa should listen to Trout Unlimited and to DOW. Doug Krieger said a more natural configuration might even be cheaper. If so, maybe enough money could be saved to extend the project down to Eighth Street.

Geraldine Kirkmeyer