Garman’s gallery not closing after all?

       Plans may be changing for Old Colorado City's Michael Garman Gallery, based on an article in the current issue of the Coronado High School newspaper, the Cougar Chronicle.
       Drawing on a recent interview with Garman himself, students Elissa Hokenstad and Emily Foster write: “In the economic crisis and due to health problems, closing the store seemed like the only option. But that may never happen. 'I want to maintain a presence,' Garman said, and he doesn't want to close Magic Town either.”
       There is also “talk” about a museum “replacing the large store and with plenty of different statues, filling the building would be no problem,” the article continues. “He would even bring some 'old, unseen pieces.' The store itself would be minimized, but art would still be able to be purchase[d] online, and Magic Town would remain.”
       Calls to Garman and his family to confirm/comment on the Chronicle story remained unanswered at press time.
       Garman, an internationally popular sculptor of small character statues, has been making and selling copies of his pieces in the building at 2418 W. Colorado Ave. since 1975.
       Curiosity about the gallery's future has increased of late, with the mounting of the name “Garman” on the face of the brick parapet that was recently constructed to replace the several hundred bricks that broke loose and fell onto the Colorado Avenue sidewalk the afternoon of Nov. 21.
       Westside real estate agent Patty Strauch said this week that Garman still has the building listed for sale.
       Mass production of Garman's statues ceased last fall. The plan for the store was to keep it open until the inventory was gone, and then shut it down. Speaking at a press conference last September, Michael Garman said he had a serious heart condition, and doctors had given him only two years to live.
       Garman's daughter Vanessa, who manages the business, said after the brick incident there was a hope of keeping the large Magic Town street scene where it is - either through a lease from a new building owner or as part of another business. However, she has not responded to inquiries since then.

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