EDITOR’S DESK: Hot (or at least warm) off the presses

       This is one of the “newsiest” periods I can recall, especially for the wintry time of year. Between White Acres, District 11's utilization crisis, the City Council election run-up, the sesquicentennial of seemingly everything that happened long ago, the suddenly controversial Fountain Creek restoration project and then that close-call fire Feb. 7 in Sondermann Park, citywide media have been trampling all over the Westside of late (at least once they have directions for how to find it).
       Over here at our mom-and-pop Westside Pioneer, we're just trying to absorb the weekly onslaught and still keep up with the "little" stuff that gives, and always has given, this part of town its character. I'm thinking about small but elegant property improvements; extra efforts in the schools; the constant energy at places like the the History Center, the library or the West Intergenerational Center; the outpouring of charity for contributing community members who get sick or hurt; the passings of people who have been quiet threads in the Westside fabric; and changes at businesses that (although privately owned) seem almost "ours" because of their longevity and amiable tradesmanship.
       Along with all that, we do the best we can at the Pioneer to track those impacts that maybe aren't going to ping the radar of the citywide media. For example, I'd like to think we helped end (apparently anyway) the four-month stalemate on city homeless-camp cleanups. We've actually been contacted a couple of times by homeless advocate Patrick Ayers, saying he's organizing a cleanup by the transients themselves this weekend. I'll believe it when I see it... But hey, isn't that what news is all about?

- K.J.