Science insights at first Red Rock public meeting

       Geologic and biological insights about Red Rock Canyon Open Space highlighted the first of five scheduled public meetings in the property's master-planning process Feb. 11 at West Center.
       Close to 100 people were on hand, prompting meeting co-facilitator Susan Watkins to suggest a larger room inside West may be used for the next meeting March 3.
       UCCS Professor Paul Grogger discussed the prehistory of various rock formations in the city's recently purchased 788.1-acre area south of Highway 24. He said the land shows many indications of having been on the coastline of a primordial inland sea, and regretted that the property's one-time landfill “is on top of the the best dinosaur rock you can find.”
        Speaking on biology and vegetation, Tass Kelso, professor at Colorado College, said Red Rock Canyon, while similar to Garden of the Gods, is less dry and “actually has more plant diversity.”
       A question from the audience about rock climbing (Grogger said the canyon is lousy for that) and a report from Chris Lieber of the Colorado Springs Parks Department about extensive, even redundant trails and roads on the property hinted at subjects likely to arise at future meetings.

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