Bright tonight, isn’t it?
Utilities installs lights on West Highway 24

       It's not a full moon. It's not the northern lights.
       If it seems brighter at nighttime on Highway 24 lately, it's because of 130 new light standards erected by Colorado Springs Utilities between Eighth Street and the city's eastern limits
       The four-lane expressway was “pretty much on the top of the list” of a priority list of city streets needing better lighting, according to Jim Thomas, field engineering supervisor for Utilities.
       Other than intersections at 8th, 21st, 26th and 31st streets, there have been no lights on the expressway in its roughly 45-year history. “Now it's lit to the standard of the city for a street that size,” Thomas told the Westside Pioneer.
        Each standard is 35 feet high with a 400-watt high-pressure sodium light, he said. The overall cost was $265,000.
       Although Highway 24 is a state road, the city is legally responsible for installing and maintaining any lights after construction was completed, Thomas said.
       The lights were installed under a city street-light upgrade program which Utilities put on hold last week after City Council denied an electrical rate increase that would have paid for the costs of continuing the program, according to Utilities spokesperson Rachel Beck.
       No major, additional light-installation projects for the Westside are affected by this change in city policy, based on information from Thomas.
       Utilities still wants to know about any lights that have burned out. The number to call is 448-4800.

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