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Westside Pioneer to print 'special edition' in May

By Kenyon Jordan, Editor

       Yes, we told everyone that after 10 years as a weekly newspaper, Dec. 19 was our final print edition of the Westside Pioneer.
       But we had our fingers crossed.
       Just kidding. The fact is, we heard from a lot of people about how much they missed us in print. So we started thinking, even though we like how things are going online, are there any possibilities - in a profit-making way, that is - for offering a product like that again?
       So here's what we've come up with. We're targeting May 1 for a “special print edition” of 15,000 copies that we hope will catch up many of our past readers on Westside news, give them a look ahead and even present a bit of a summer guide for tourists and regional visitors.
       Also, just as a heads-up, we plan to include one or more shameless self-promotions, seeking to entice more of you to our online site. But we'll try to make it fun.
       If you're a local business owner and would like to be a part of our special edition, please contact us about running an ad (471-6776 or ap@westsidepioneer.com). We're already second-guessing ourselves for making our rates too generous, so I'd recommend you call now and reserve a spot before we change our addled minds!
       Speaking of which, we ask our readers to remember that the Westside Pioneer is made possible by the businesses who support us - whether online, print or both - and who count on your seeing their ads. So please let them know when you do and especially if you shop with them. Also, please note that these wonderful people NEVER make any demands on what we write about or how we do it.
       In the weeks ahead, we'll provide periodic updates on our special-edition plans. We've gotten excellent responses in our discussions with businesses and individuals already. If that continues, we'll probably print more such editions on a periodic basis, going forward.
       Thanks to all of you for staying with us.

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(Posted 2/13/14)

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