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Screen capture from the Gazette's online edition shows unusual "headlines" and "article" atop its Local page Feb. 13.
Courtesy of the Gazette Green Edition

'Hed goes here'… and it wasn't even April Fool's Day

       The Gazette newspaper is known for cute and sometimes clever writing, but the top of its local section Feb. 13 definitely pushed that envelope.
       “LedeNews, hed goes xyxy,” read the large, bold-faced main headline over what was meant to be the main story.
       “Dky dky goes here here here here here here here here here,” read the story's smaller second-deck headline.
       “Body - Justify story goes here here and here and here and here here here and…” The story continued that way for several paragraphs, up to its jumpline to an inside page.
       Next to the above were two equally befuddling “teasers” to stories on Page “B2,” each of which was topped by the words “Hed goes here.”
       The gobbledygook probably resulted from editors at the daily having typed in placeholders while waiting for actual news articles to come in… and then forgetting to change them out afterward. In any case, the page did not get fixed online during the day Feb. 13, nor was an explanation posted on the gazette.com website.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 2/13/14)

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