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Fillmore/I-25 interchange cost increases by $2 million

       Late design changes by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have increased the estimate for the Fillmore/I-25 interchange from $11 million to $13 million.
       But this should not affect the project schedule, which now shows groundbreaking in June or July, according to Mark Andrew, a CDOT engineer, and Kathleen Krager, the city's transportation manager.
       Andrew said the extra $2 million will mainly be needed to fund streetlighting, “cost inflation” on the ramp work, “decorative” bridge rails and a red coloring for the interchange concrete matching that on the other newer I-25 interchanges in the Springs.
       Krager said she thinks that $1.3 million of the cost hike can be covered through a Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) surplus, resulting from higher-than-expected sales tax revenues in 2013. The money would amount to a payment to CDOT for a local right of way that had to be acquired as part of its buying and demolishing the former gas stations on the west side of the interchange for the recent Fillmore Street project that realigned Chestnut Street.
       As for the remaining $700,000, the hope is that contractor bids this spring come in a little under budget so that underfunding does not become a factor, Andrew said.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 2/13/14)

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