West Elementary carnival: Many miss discounts, still come

       Organizers printed nearly 3,800 coupons in advance for the second annual West Elementary carnival Feb. 4.

West Elementary counselor Shawn Hayes was the "sheriff" for the school carnival's jail Feb. 4 in the gym. An estimated 400 people participated in the event, which raised more than $2,000 for the school.
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       They weren't enough.
       So, as people kept coming through the doors halfway into the 2 ½-hour event, school staff and volunteers had to hurry up and print more.
       This meant a few frantic moments and extra work for several people, but Angel Chavez, a first-grade teacher and one of the event organizers, liked the part about a lot of people showing up. “Only about 50 tickets had been bought in advance,” she said (despite the lure of a discount price). “I thought we weren't going to get much of a turnout.”
       Overall, she estimated about 400 came (an average of close to 10 coupons per person), competing in about 25 games, such as ring toss, golf-putting and ball- throwing (through hoops or at bottles), and winning such prizes as cakes, 2-liter pop bottles and assorted small gifts.
       The carnival earned a total of $2,169.80 for school activities, compared with $2,038 last year.
       “I thought it was excellent,” Chavez said, especially thanking school staff, the Optimist Club, middle-school student volunteers, the People of Praise service group and several parents who helped out. “I think it got a little better than last year. People enjoying themselves was the best part.”

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