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An area at the south end of the Uintah Gardens King Soopers - recently framed as part of a renovation project - will include an urgent-care facility called the Little Clinic.
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King Soopers renovation includes medical clinic; work could last till fall

       So what's going on at King Soopers?
       The supermarket in the Uintah Gardens shopping center recently started on an interior remodeling project that will eventually “overhaul all the departments,” according to Jessica Cussins, a spokesperson for King Soopers' headquarters in Denver.
       The store takes up 74,000 square feet, including its rear storage area. Work can be expected to continue for several months. A “re-grand opening event” will occur in late summer or early fall, Cussins said.
       The store is using a whiteboard just inside the entrance to give shoppers updates on what work is planned each day.
A whiteboard at the entrance to the Uintah Gardens King Soopers provides the latest news on the renovation, which is expected to last for several months.
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       Cussins summarized that the project would involve changing the décor and installing new fixtures, as needed, to “update the facility for our customers.” A recent whiteboard (Feb. 19) elaborated that the outcome will include expansions of the produce, dairy and deli areas, updates to the public restrooms and a relocation of the coffee shop closer to the entrance.
       The earliest remodel activity has been in the pharmacy and health products area at the south end of the store. It's being reworked to incorporate a 700-square-foot medical offering that King Soopers has begun offering at many stores in recent years called the Little Clinic. An urgent-care facility with a nurse practitioner, the clinic “is a convenient way to get care,” Cussins said. “You can walk in, and you don't have to wait forever.”
       The newer Centennial King Soopers (built in 2004) has a Little Clinic currently.
       Part of the national Kroger Chain, King Soopers has been at 1750 W. Uintah St., the anchor store for the Uintah Gardens center, since 1972. Its last major renovation was in 2007. The gas station in the parking lot was added in 2006.
       The Kroger business was started in 1883 by Bernard "Barney" Kroger, who is credited with eventually creating the model for modern grocery chains, according to news articles referenced on the Internet. A hundred years later, the Kroger chain bought out the Dillon Companies chain that had included King Soopers. The latter store had been started in 1947 by Lloyd J. King of Arvada.

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(Posted 2/15/15, updated 2/19/15; Business: Changes)

In 2008, the entrance from Uintah Street to King Soopers and the rest of the Uintah Gardens shopping center was upgraded.
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