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Flood repairs force closure of road segment by County Parks building

A pair of dotted lines at lower right shows where bridge repairs have temporarily closed Creek Crossing Road at Bear Creek. The straight dotted line at left shows how a pedestrian bridge can be used to get from the parking lot by Pavilion #4 to the County Parks building, located on the south side of Bear Creek.
Courtesy of El Paso County Parks
       Temporarily, at least, Creek Crossing Road in Bear Creek Regional Park no longer lives up to its name. Planned repairs from previous flooding have required a closure at its bridge over Bear Creek.
       The 2 -week project is scheduled for completion Feb. 27, a press release states.
       Just east of 21st Street, Creek Crossing Road ties into Rio Grande Street several hundred feet north of Bear Creek. The road passes a parking lot near the park's Pavilion #4 and normally - on the south side of the creek - provides access to the County Parks administration building and the Nymann Garden.
       During the current closure, the south side can be accessed via a creek pedestrian bridge near Pavilion #4. Cars can park in the lot that's also by the pavilion.
       In the Creek Crossing Road bridge project, contractors are removing damaged culverts and installing a concrete box culvert, riprap and guardrails. Paving will occur at a later date, the release adds.
       The work has been planned since last fall, with 75 percent of the $57,000 cost covered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to county information at that time.

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 2/10/15; Projects: Flood control)

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