Fenimore named OWN leader for second year

       The new Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) board gave Jim Fenimore another one-year term as its president at the meeting Jan. 26. The nine-member body also made Welling Clark (formerly secretary) its vice president, installed new board member Dick Strauch as secretary, and renamed Dave Hughes as treasurer.
       Fenimore said his “one big thing” in the coming year is “working toward getting the Westside plan redone.” The lack of design guidelines - called for in the 26-year-old ordinance but never created - “is making it tough for the city when issuing permits. Builders or developers have nothing to design by.”
       Such guidelines would not be intended to conflict with the historically inclined document that's eventually envisioned for OWN's proposed historic overlay for the older Westside, but could be developed more quickly by the city so as to give basic direction in how construction should preserve Westside character, he said.
       Looking back on the past year, in which the previous board experienced some internal friction and two resignations, Fenimore believes a lot was still accomplished. “Sure, we all didn't see eye to eye on stuff, but I think we got some things achieved,” he said. “We made progress on the overlay, got meeting dates changed (from monthly to every other month for town meetings), had a good summer picnic and started the Spirit Awards.”
       The board has three new members, all elected Jan. 12: Strauch, Amy Filipiak and Stormie Wells.
       OWN is a city-recognized advocacy group for the older Westside.

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