Editor’s note: The following letter regarding the Westside Highway 24 upgrade plans was excerpted from a considerably longer correspondence to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), on which the Westside Pioneer was copied. The full text was too long for publication in full. The Pioneer welcomes letters of 300 words or less.

‘Widen existing streets’
       Thanks for the long-term planning! I'd much rather design and build these intersections one time - right. I don't want to see another Woodmen/I-25 debacle where we did a lot of construction and then reworked it again a few years later.
       Also, thanks for the nice open house at West on January 26th. I had a number of discussions with your engineers and I found everybody to be well up to speed, as well as a pleasure to deal with.
       Overall, my preference is to widen existing streets rather than disrupt quiet neighborhoods. While widening is not painless, these people are already on known major roads. This is analagous to widening I-25 down its current corridor, rather than moving it significantly and cutting through a new neighborhood. For this reason, I don't support the 30th Street realignment, or the 18th/13th/10th Street options.

Mark Martin