Grading begins at Fillmore-Centennial site

       Grading recently began on the 44-acre property south of Fillmore Street at Centennial Boulevard. The work will shape the hilly land primarily to allow a quarter-mile southward extension of Centennial and, ultimately, a 110,000-square-foot medical center for Colorado Springs Health Partners (CSHP),
       No date has been set to begin construction of the center - designed to be one of the largest in the region - but road construction needed to start promptly under city requirements in conjunction with CSHP's purchase of the property last fall, according to Lynne Jones, spokesperson for the physician consortium.
       Plans call for the four-lane, median-divided extension to be complete by this summer, including sidewalks, curb and gutter. It will dead-end at the property line. Centennial Boulevard is master-planned to continue from Fillmore behind the Mesa Springs neighborhood to the Fontanero Street interchange at I-25; however, the city does not have the necessary easements to have the entire road built at this time.
       CSHP has been in Colorado Springs for 60 years.

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