$206,000 Douglas Creek sewer project nearly done
Crossing upgrade one of 60 by City Utilities in 2006

       Colorado Springs Utilities crews are finishing up a $206,000 project to replace a sewer-line water crossing in the Douglas Creek Open Space behind ArtSports off Vondelpark Drive
       According to CSU project manager Darlene Garcia, the new segment replaces a 29-year-old pipe which was not failing but was showing “a lot of grease build-up and other problems.”
       The replacement is the same size and type as the old one - including a protective encasement in concrete - with the added security of being fastened to piers that were drilled into the bedrock below the creek, Garcia explained.
       One of the problems with the old unit was that its protective concrete had broken off in places.
       The project followed a compliance study that CSU had performed for the Colorado Health Department. Concerns had increased after the city had a couple of sewer-line breaks at water crossings. In all, the city stabilized 60 pipes in 2006 at a total cost of about $6 million. Work will continue elsewhere in the city - though with no other crossings identified on the Westside - through 2009, Garcia said.
       The work started in November. There was no cut-off in service. “We should be complete with the heavy work this week, and then we'll do site restoration,” she said.

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