Horse, driver continuing recovery from accident

       Despite harsh weather and a pre-Christmas traffic accident that injured owner/driver Mike Solano and his main horse Sammy, the 3G's Front Range Carriage Service has stayed as functional as possible, Solano said this week.
       However, while Sammy got a “clear bill of health” for the knock he took on his left rear leg, Solano said he is “still seeing doctors” for a lingering back problem that cropped up after the accident.
       “You know us, we go out there in any kind of weather. This has compromised my ability to do that,” he said. “We've had to close several days because of my health.”
       Solano, added that Rusty, the 3G's back-up horse, is doing better. The horse had shown signs of exhaustion when he had to pull extra shifts while Sammy was recovering.
       In mid-December, because of his concerns about Sammy and Rusty, Solano had even borrowed a horse from a business associate. However, with Sammy's speedy recovery, she was never put in the field, he said.
       Solano thanked people for their support. “We have a lot of well-wishers,” he said. “The phone still rings, and people ask about Sammy.”
       The accident happened Dec. 2 when a car struck the carriage as it was leaving with a full load of riders from its station on Colorado Avenue in front of Bancroft Park. The ensuing legal issues are still being resolved.

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