Responses to Utilities ‘Green Power’ survey show strong support for renewable energy

       Springs Utilities conducted a renewable survey in November 2007 - nicknamed the “Green Power” survey - and processed a total of 1,078 responses.
       Two methods were used to get input:
  • Randomly calling customers on the phone and asking them a set of questions.
  • Inviting customers in their billing statements to proactively respond to the same questions by calling Utilities or going to the company's website.
           Of the 1,078, according to Utilities statistics, there were 615 successfully conducted random surveys (490 residential and 125 business) and 463 proactive responses by phone and web.
           Here is a summary of the responses to the different questions:
           1. Are you familiar with Amendment 37? Only 18 percent of the random respondents had any knowledge of this initiative, passed by state voters in 2004. About 60 percent of the proactive respondents knew about it.
           2. [After an Amendment 37 description was provided], do you support it? 77 percent of the randoms said yes, as did 92 percent of the proactives.
           3. Go beyond Amendment 37 requirements? 64 percent yes (randoms); 90 percent yes (proactives).
           4. Support for Utilities' investment in renewable energy (such as wind, solar and hydropower) versus electric energy produced by coal? 70 percent of the randoms strongly supported renewable, versus 20 percent for coal. For the proactives, the numbers were 90 percent for renewables versus less than 10 percent for coal.
           5. Pay $1-2 more a month for a program of increased wind energy? 75 percent of the randoms said yes, and 92 percent of the proactives.
           6. Who should pay for the cost of exceeding the required amount? 57 percent of the randoms and 85 percent of the proactives said that all electricity customers should pay. Another 34 percent of the randoms said only those who want renewables should pay for them, while 15 percent of the proactives said that.
           7. A “Clean and Green” program where 100% of your energy use would come from renewable resources. (at a cost increase of 35-45 percent each month)? Nearly 30 percent of the randoms said they were “interested” in this proposal and 77 percent of the proactives.
           (Note from the Utilities surveying staff: “Research finds an exaggerated commitment to programs that involve a fee, so this should not be construed as a forecast that 30 percent of our customers would sign up for this program. With non regulated products, we found as many as 50 percent would express interest in a program that ultimately less than 1 percent committed to.”)

    Westside Pioneer/press release