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Letter: GoG needs benches, trash cans before traffic gates

       It seems odd to me that the city can't afford more benches or trash containers on the frontage walkway [the Garden of the Gods' Foothills Trail paralleling 30th Street]. Yet it can have money for security gates. [See Westside Pioneer article at this link.]
       I am a senior citizen and meet other seniors on my walks along the frontage walkway. There is one bench and one unique trash container. NO dog cleanup bag container. So one will find bags of dog waste in bags along the sidewalk, because there is no trash can.
       Who wants to carry a bag of dog waste on their walk throughout the area? The sidewalk is wide enough that a golf cart or vehicle can drive it and empty the trash. No big deal.
       Many city parks in other cities provide dog cleanup bags and trash containers for these reasons.
       All I am asking is that more benches and trash containers be provided. We seniors need to stop and rest and just enjoy the beauty of the park.
       The park isn't only for those on bicycles and skates. Consider the “older walkers.” too.

       Linda Krusyna

(Posted 2/7/17; Opinion: Letters)

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