Committee taking public input on Territory Days

       The city Special Events Committee will seek public input on Old Colorado City's annual Territory Days festival at a meeting Tuesday, February 10 at 1:30 p.m.
       The location will be the Regional Building headquarters, 2880 International Circle.
       Also on the agenda will be the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, which was an annual Old Colorado City event for about a quarter century before moving downtown in 2007.
       “It will be a chance for citizens to voice any concerns they may have,” said Police Sgt. Lonnie Spanswick, the city's special-events coordinator. He cautioned that it's unlikely any public comments (such as parking complaints) “will stop it [Territory Days], but they may say something that could help it.”
       The idea, he elaborated, “is to make it so events are good for everybody.”
       A city ordinance establishing the committee took effect Jan. 1. Its members include the City Attorney's Office, Fire Department, Fire Marshal's Office, Traffic Engineering and Police Department. The committee could vote the same day it hears comments or could wait until a later meeting, Spanswick said.
       E-mail comments will also be accepted by Feb. 10 at

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