Property rights violated by camps
       So-called homeless camps are a grievous and “in your face” violation of property rights. Taking someone else's or community property in a threatening and intimidating manner, trashing it out to the point that any cleanup will require protection from human and other wastes, seems to have become accepted as politically correct behavior. My observation of the campers and their activist supporters that spoke at the January 27 Gold Hill police station homeless meeting was that they were neither helpless nor hapless. The demands and threats of lawsuits made against the city by some of their activist supporters challenge our basic rights and reasonable civil behavior. While some are homeless due to problems beyond their control and deserve our support, there are others who think their right to take is greater than our right to own.

Dick Standaert

Editor’s note: There was some good news this week, as volunteer trash cleanup efforts were noted in the prominent camp off Highway 24 and I-25, and homeless spokesperson Patrick Ayers pledged to organize future cleanups.