EDITOR’S DESK: All the fitting news

       Do you have enough news to fill the paper every week?
       That's a question I've been asked a few times since Therese and I started the Westside Pioneer last month. I've always given the same answer, and I hope this issue reflects it: Yes, indeed.
       In fact, as you've probably noticed, there's a whole heckuva lot happening on the Westside, such as: decisions on Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Highway 24 and Fire Station 3: the anticipated Gold Hill Mesa development plan; the Rural Transportation Authority ballot proposal; the rebuilding of the fire-stricken north side of West Colorado Avenue's 2400 block: and the changes coming in our local schools.
       A pleasant addition to our paper appears below - a new column by local history buff Mel McFarland. He also writes for two other area community papers, but he says he'll try to tailor “Cobweb Corners” to the Westside, so usually his columns will be unique. He has the knack of writing the way he talks - simple, informative and clear - and we hope you enjoy his offerings.

- K.J.