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Bus maps show the current Route 14 (top) and the changes that are to take effect in May (bottom) when Route 14 is split into two routes. As show in the bottom map, a new Route 34 will continue east on Garden of the Gods Road from the Citizen Service Center.
Courtesy of City Public Works Transit Services Division

Sunday buses to start in May for Colorado/Manitou Avenue's Route 3; Route 14 to split

       Riders on the Route 3 bus along Colorado/Manitou Avenue can look forward to Sunday service, starting in May.
       Mountain Metropolitan Transit planners are moving ahead with that amenity - along with several other proposed changes, system-wide - after receiving “very positive” responses at two public meetings last week, according to Vicki McCann, public relations and marketing supervisor for the City Public Works Transit Services Division.
       Route 3, along with six other “high volume” routes in the Mountain Metro system will have buses running hourly between 7:45 a.m. and 5:45 p.m. Sundays, plans show. The added service will also be in effect on Memorial Day, Easter Sunday, Fourth of July and Labor Day.
       This will be the second straight year that Route 3 has gotten a boost. Night service was added last year.
       Another Westside route that will be changed is Route 14. But its fate is a little more complicated. One difference is that it's being split into two routes. The 14 bus will still leave the downtown station and go north through the Westside along Spruce, Walnut and Chestnut, ultimately reaching El Paso County's Citizen Service Center on Garden of the Gods Road. That's where the new Route 34 will begin, heading east to UCCS as 14 once did.
       Route 14 riders can use a transfer to continue on Route 34 without an extra charge.
       The other change for Route 14 is that it will no longer have Saturday service. While the bus was full on weekdays, mostly because of people going to the Citizen Service Center, it had poor ridership on Saturdays, McCann said.
       Another aspect of the Route 14/34 scenario is that a new Route 9B, including evening service, will go from the downtown and connect at UCCS.
       At the meetings, “several people asked questions about the change of Route 14 to two routes, but there were no objections,” McCann said. The same was true about the the loss of Saturday service on Route14, “after we explained the purpose for the deletion (low ridership, hours used for extra weekday Route 14 and extended Route 9 service) and that there would be a transfer available to downtown.”
       In a survey last May, riders listed Sunday service as their top goal, pointed out Richard Marcus, planning supervisor for Transit Services. He added that Mountain Metro's changes, costing just over $800,000, have been made possible by increased sales tax revenues from the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA), which pays most of the city-owned bus company's expenses.
       For more information, call 385-7433 or go to http://www.mmtransit.com.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 2/3/14)