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Restaurant event helps Coronado's Homecoming Parade

       The Chick Fil-A restaurant is part way through a Feb. 3-7 event that will end up with at least $500 to help fund Coronado High's Homecoming Parade through Old Colorado City.
       The public can help the effort by ordering food at Chick Fil-A between through Friday, Feb. 7 and asking that it be put in the name of Coronado.
       The third annual fundraiser by the restaurant at 575 Garden of the Gods Road is actually a competition between the Westside high school and Palmer High downtown. Whichever school attracts the most business wins first prize of $1,200. Second prize is $500.
       The parade, occurring in late September or early October each year on the day of the Coronado homecoming football game, goes down West Colorado Avenue through Old Colorado City and ends with a pep rally in Bancroft Park. Parade costs have increased drastically in the past 10 years; this is one of the main fundraisers to help cover the additional expenses.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 2/6/14)