EDITORíS DESK: Mesa Springs: Help wanted

       One of the pleasures of publishing this newspaper over the past seven-plus years has been getting to know people who look out for their neighborhoods. You may know people like that - you may even be one yourself. They're the ones who typically make a point of learning their neighbors' names, who pick up trash they see on the sidewalk, who carefully check out scruffy characters that don't belong, who let the city know about issues with their streets and their parks, who may even form a Neighborhood Watch.
       Such neighborhood leaders are also the ones who put in long hours at meetings, who pore over crushingly boring reports and studies in search of even a single word that could prove detrimental to their home turf, or who take the time to prepare and present specific area concerns to city officials - though they know going in that there's little chance of anything coming of it.
       One such neighborhood is Mesa Springs. It's big, as the word "neighborhood" goes, with about 500 households west of I-25, south of Fillmore Street and north of Uintah. Covering issues such as the Centennial extension, I've enjoyed getting acquainted with George Gravenstein and Steve Schwartz - leaders like the ones discussed above. It's sad that after all the years they've put in for their neighborhood, they can't find replacements (see story on Page 1.) I don't think the reason is necessarily that others who live there don't care as much as they do do; I think a lot of times people just don't realize what goes into nurturing a neighborhood. I know I spent much of my younger years thinking that all I needed to do was take care of my house and my stuff, and everything else would take care of itself. Well, not quite. Older neighborhoods especially can go south in a hurry if not enough people devote that extra time. Not everyone's meant for it, but there is an expression called "your turn in the barrel." Mesa Springs needs a few people willing to take their turn. George and Steve have definitely taken theirs.

- K.J.