‘No action’ gets no display, no place on comment forms

       At the Nov. 10 Colorado Department of Transporta-tion (CDOT) open house on Highway 24, the comment forms for attendees asked them to write what they thought of each of the three alternatives - expressway, freeway or no action.
       The results, as tabulated by the Westside Pioneer, showed that slightly more people liked no action than disliked it, while the opposite was true for each of the two build alternatives.
       However, at the Jan. 26 open house, the comment forms only asked for feedback on the expressway and freeway options. Also, unlike Nov. 10, there was no display table to show the pros and cons of the no-action possibility.
       Engineers for the project said there was no intent to keep people from commenting on the no-action plan, and, as CDOT Project Manager Dave Watt said, “the idea is to get input on different alternatives.”
       However, according to consultant Mary Jo Vobejda of CH2M HILL, the engineers do feel strongly that “the congestion now is unacceptable, and in the future it will be more unacceptable.”
       As a result, she said, the engineers believe that realistically the no-build is not applicable, and the decision needs to be made between the two build alternatives.
       According to CDOT sources, the no-build alternative - although always advertised as a possibility because of federal regulations - has never been selected on a state highway project.

Westside Pioneer article