Gold Camp Road decision expected now in March

       The U.S. Forest Service is now looking at March for the release of a new recommended decision for Gold Camp Road.
       According to U.S. Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Planner Frank Landis, U.S. Fish & Wildlife is about a month away from completing its review of whether reopening a long-closed 6 -mile segment of Gold Camp Road will threaten the habitat of a Mexican spotted owl in the general vicinity.
       The Fish & Wildlife concern, announced in early December, caused the Forest Service to withdraw the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) it had issued last July. That decision had called for repairing Tunnel 3 and reopening the road between High Street and Old Stage Road to one-way traffic (but promising no funds for implementation).
       Once a new EIS decision is released, a new 45-day appeals period will begin, Landis said. Any appeals filed previously will not have to be refiled.

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