West sends gift package to art teacher/soldier

       A gift package is on its way from West Middle School to US Army Sgt. James Logan.
       Stationed in Tikrit, Iraq, with the Colorado National Guard's 169th Brigade, Logan is on leave as West's art teacher.
       An all-school assembly, including a number of sad-eyed students, bade the popular instructor farewell last March. Recent e-mail and phone communications with Logan resulted in the package, according to West Principal Joe Torrez. “He said 'We're bored, there's not a lot to do,'” Torrez said. “So we sent him books, movies and goodies.”
       The “goodies” are mainly snacks, including popcorn, beef jerky, granola bars and chewing gum, Torrez said. “We don't if he's received it yet,” he added.
       The package consisted of contributions from staff members and the school. “Later in the year we'll ask again and see what they'd like, and then we'll send what we can.”
       For his part, Logan plans to send West an honorary US flag that was flown at half mast over his unit's base when President Gerald Ford died, Torrez said.
       Noting that Tikrit is “Saddam Hussein's home town,” Torrez quoted Logan as saying, 'We're not the most popular group here, but a lot of people like us because we offer them freedom they didn't have in the past.”
       The temporary replacement for Logan is Ady Stahl. Logan (who has been promised his job back upon his return) “was pleased to hear the art program is alive and well,” Torrez said.
       Logan had taught six years with District 11, two at West, before being called up last year. He has a wife, Maxine, who teaches at Sand Creek High School, and two children.

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