Facelift for Red Rock shopping center

       A project to upgrade the Red Rock shopping center is underway. The most visible work has been taking place along the storefronts in the parking lot, but the rear sides of the buildings have also gotten a new coat of paint and a new fence installed along the creek.
       “We're long-term owners,” said Dave Zaterman of the JFR Realty Company, which he described as a 57-year-old “family company that has owned Red Rock for 15 years. “We want it to look good, and this is still a strong area of town.”
       No changes are planned in the layout of the center, which is located on the south side of Colorado Avenue west of 31st Street. The JFR portion comprises the two buildings and parking areas west of KFC/A&W and east of Safeway and Pizza Hut.
       Customers will see improved facades for the sign bands above the storefronts, better lot lighting and new exterior paint in a color scheme matching Safeway's, project architect Don LeBrasse said. He described the project as a “simple little facelift.” The light standards will also match Safeway's, he said.
       Efforts are being made “to minimize the impacts to the tenants,” LeBrasse added, although temporary signs will be used, as needed, during that part of the work.
       Project completion is expected around the end of March.
       Jim Krug of Westside Bargain Mart, which recently relocated to the center, praised the effort. “These are some great landlords,” he said. “We will have a first-class exterior.”
       The upgrade also has apparently ended a burglary problem which was occurring last summer after the former hardware store closed. After quietly breaking into the back of the old store, transients were evidently living there and stealing the copper plumbing, Zaterman said.

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