Progress plagued by pervasive potholes

       The Westside is known for some classic churches, but the greatest examples of “holy rollers” in recent weeks have been motorists dodging potholes.
       Citywide, the Colorado Springs Streets Division has assigned “12 separate crews to work from sunrise to sundown filling potholes with cold and hot asphalt mix,” according to a press release from city spokeswoman Carrie McCaus-land. “The city has also hired two private contractors to assist on major arterial roadways.”
       The culprit has been the freeze-thaw weather cycles over the past several weeks, Streets officials say. In only about half of January, the agency reporteded receiving more than 700 citizen service requests and filled more than 4,700 potholes.
       “Last year, the city filled 18,100 potholes in total - that's almost a quarter of last year's potholes filled in the last two and a half weeks,” McCausland said, adding that the weather has damaged some streets so badly that they will need to be re-milled and paved.
       The Westside apparently did not get hit as badly as some areas. According to one City Street crew, complaints from this part of town have been less frequent than those in other parts of the city.
       If you know a pothole that hasn't been fixed, City Streets asks you to call its “pothole hotline” at 385-6808 or go to the city website:

From a press release