Project for 8th Street lane extension, footbridge and sidewalk possible this year

       The recent earth-moving work just south of Fountain Creek on Eighth Street is not the start of the long-awaited pedestrian footbridge - at least not yet.
       Colleen Dawson of City Traffic Engineering said the bridge project, which also includes a new sidewalk and extended right-turn lane, is still about two months away from going out to bids.
       The current work has been related to construction of the new Speedy Shine Express Car Wash, 395 S. Eighth St., which will have a driveway access next to the creek.
       Announced in 2005, the bridge will go in just east of the vehicle bridge over Fountain Creek and connect with a new sidewalk that will be installed along the east side of Eighth up to Cimarron/Highway 24. Currently, no sidewalk is there, on that side of the street.
       In conjunction with the pedestrian improvements, the right turn lane for northbound drivers will be extended back to the creek bridge.The work will require retaining walls in front of the hotel parking lot.
       The footbridge over the creek is to be 6 feet wide. The project will be funded with $150,000 from the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) plus a grant from the federal Hazard Elimination and Intersection Safety program.
       Dawson, the project manager, said the amount of time the project has taken is not unusual for one that includes federal funding. The city/RTA had originally hoped to install the bridge two years ago, but because the bridge abutments need to line up with the retaining wall, the two projects were combined.
       “There are a lot of steps through the federal process,” Dawson said. “It just takes time. Now it's just a matter of the last finishing touches so we can go out to bid.”

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