Red Rock-Intemann trail vandals persistent

       One or more unknown trail users have been leaving their “mark” lately on the city-owned Red Rock Canyon Open Space and the undeveloped, city-leased Section 16 property.

LEFT: One of several Red Rock Canyon Open Space signs that have been marked on (upper right) to show an unauthorized, potentially hazardous trail route. RIGHT: a former revegetation sign near Section 16's Intemann Trail, on which the perpetrators scrawled information about their "trail." Footprints in the snow Jan. 24 show some use has occurred. The Intemann Trail Committee has since removed the sign.
Westside Pioneer photo

       By altering existing signs at either end, they have been trying to direct hikers onto an unofficial path of about 1 mile along a drainage and through hilly terrain between the Intemann Trail in Section 16 and the Roundup Trail in Red Rock.
       The outlaw(s) have been employing a Sharpie pen to draw the path onto various map signs at trail intersections in Red Rock. City Parks Director Chris Lieber said. This has happened repeatedly. “Whoever is vandalizing the signs is persistent,” he reports in a recent e-mail. “Every time we put up a new sign, it is vandalized to show the rogue trail within 48 hours.”
       At the Intemann Trail end, an old sign, formerly used to mark an area that was being revegetated, was altered by the Sharpie-wielder to say: “Not 4 bikes. Goes to Red Rocks Roundup Trail.”
       Another issue with the vandalized map signs is that they show the rogue trail as too straight and the connection with the Intemann in the wrong place, according to Rioux Jordan of the volunteer Intemann Trail Committee (ITC). Jordan, who scouted the “trail” along its entire length, described it as poorly marked and unimproved, and “a person could get lost.”
       The ITC has since removed the sign at the Intemann end and endeavored to block the unauthorized access with dead brush.
       An official link between Red Rock (the Mesa Trail) and Section 16 (the Intemann Trail) was built in 2005 by City Parks volunteers in conjunction with the ITC.
       Nearly five years ago, a similar problem had occurred at the same Intemann access. That's how the current “trail” got partially roughed in. The ITC at that time worked with County Parks (then leasing Section 16) to close off the access.

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