Moreno St. sidewalk will benefit PPMH clients

       “We won't have people walking in the street anymore.”

In a view east (downhill) from the Gold Hill Police substation's access, the partially completed sidewalk along the south side of Moreno Street continues to Eighth Street.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Mike Chaves, city senior civil engineer was talking about a City Engineering project that started last week to build a sidewalk along the south side of Moreno Street west of Eighth Street.
       When done, the steep segment will extend 1,100 feet from Eighth to the sidewalk that was required when the Gold Hill Police substation was built on Moreno in 2006. Sidewalks had not been required decades ago when development first occurred on the Moreno hill.
       Chaves said the city had been getting calls "because of the foot traffic" on the street. The greatest concern, he said was expressed by Pikes Peak Mental Health, which sees clients regularly at its office at 875 W. Moreno. Many of the clients take the city bus, get off on Eighth and walk up the hill to the office, an agency spokesperson has explained.
       Completion is anticipated in a week or two, Chaves said. The contractor is Trax Construction.
       The work had once been thought too costly because of issues with the hill. However, a city analysis determined that no retaining walls would be needed. This allowed a more affordable cost of $20,000 to $30,000 for the concrete work, Chaves said. Also, fortuitously, Trax had a city project nearby (farther south on Eighth Street, in the Cheyenne area) in which savings were found. So the two Trax projects were essentially combined.

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